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LiPo Battery Security Suggestions for UAS Operators

LiPo Battery Security Suggestions for UAS Operators

Understanding the Influence of Excessive Temperatures on LiPo Batteries and Finest Practices for Secure Utilization

DRONELIFE presents this visitor submit by Douglas Noticed Eagle, Director/Shopper Expertise and Pilot at theLIDARPros and Director of Schooling Programming at drone coaching and consulting agency Sundance Media Group. Because the temperature rises, this submit is a well timed reminder that LiPo Batteries require particular dealing with in sizzling temperatures: and offers an in depth clarification of how greatest to reduce danger. DRONELIFE neither accepts nor makes cost for visitor posts.

by Douglas Noticed Eagle, Director/Shopper Expertise and Pilot at theLIDARPros and Director of Schooling Programming at Sundance Media Group. 

Sizzling Vehicles & LiPo Batteries: A Swell Combine or an Epic Fail?

LiPo batteries, also called lithium polymer batteries, are a preferred and customary selection for powering Unmanned Plane Methods (UAS) as a result of they’re light-weight and have a excessive power density. These batteries can discharge at excessive charges, which is critical for UAS functions, making them a vital element for each hobbyists {and professional} operators.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to know the significance of security when coping with LiPo batteries, particularly in sizzling climate or throughout transportation in autos. LiPo batteries are delicate to modifications in temperature, which may pose potential dangers that have to be managed correctly to make sure each security and efficiency.

On this article, we are going to focus on the affect of sizzling climate on LiPo batteries and supply suggestions for his or her secure utilization. It’s essential to know how temperature can have an effect on the general efficiency and lifespan of those energy sources. By prioritizing security measures and utilizing right dealing with strategies, UAS operators can cut back the dangers related to utilizing LiPo batteries in sizzling climate circumstances.

LiPo Battery Security Suggestions for UAS Operators

Battery left behind a worktruck, cased however not put in in UAS

Understanding the Influence of Sizzling Climate on LiPo Batteries

LiPo batteries are extremely delicate to temperature, and publicity to sizzling climate can have a big affect on their efficiency and total lifespan. Right here’s a better take a look at how excessive temperatures can have an effect on LiPo batteries:

  1. Decreased Capability: Excessive temperatures may cause a discount within the whole power capability of LiPo batteries. Which means that the battery will be unable to carry as a lot cost as it could beneath regular temperature circumstances. Because of this, the flight time of unmanned plane programs (UAS) powered by LiPo batteries could also be considerably lowered.
  2. Elevated Inside Resistance: Warmth can enhance the interior resistance of LiPo batteries, which results in a lower of their energy output. The elevated resistance leads to voltage drops and lowered effectivity throughout discharge. This could negatively affect the efficiency of UAS, inflicting them to lose energy and agility throughout flight.
  3. Accelerated Ageing: Publicity to excessive temperatures accelerates the growing older means of LiPo batteries. The chemical reactions contained in the battery happen at a sooner price, resulting in elevated degradation of the battery’s parts. Over time, this may end up in a shorter total lifespan for the battery, decreasing its effectiveness and requiring extra frequent replacements.
  4. Danger of Thermal Runaway: When LiPo batteries are uncovered to extreme warmth, there’s an elevated danger of thermal runaway. Thermal runaway refers to a state of affairs the place the battery experiences an uncontrolled enhance in temperature and stress, doubtlessly resulting in a hearth or explosion. This danger is especially excessive when batteries are overcharged or subjected to extended publicity to sizzling environments.

To make sure the longevity and optimum efficiency of LiPo batteries, it’s essential to know and mitigate the affect of sizzling climate circumstances. Within the subsequent part, we are going to delve into greatest practices for dealing with and storing LiPo batteries safely.

The Significance of Correctly Dealing with and Storing LiPo Batteries for Security

LiPo batteries are identified for being small, light-weight, and highly effective, which is why they’re extensively utilized in varied gadgets similar to drones and remote-controlled automobiles. Nonetheless, it’s essential to do not forget that these batteries might be doubtlessly harmful if mishandled or improperly saved.

To make sure the secure use of LiPo batteries, it’s essential to:

  1. Deal with with Care

When coping with LiPo batteries, it’s important to deal with them with care to reduce the danger of harm or accidents. Right here’s what to do:

  • Keep away from Bodily Harm: LiPo batteries can simply get broken from impacts or punctures, so all the time retailer and transport them in protecting circumstances or baggage.
  • Join Appropriately: When connecting the batteries for charging or use, make certain to comply with the producer’s directions on polarity (optimistic and unfavorable) to stop brief circuits.
  1. Cost Safely

Correct charging is vital to sustaining the protection and longevity of LiPo batteries. Listed here are some suggestions for secure charging:

  • Use a Balancing Charger: Balancing chargers assist be certain that every cell throughout the battery pack is charged evenly, stopping overcharging of particular person cells and decreasing the danger of fireplace or swelling.
  • Monitor the Charging Course of: Regulate the charging course of, particularly throughout sizzling climate, to stop overheating. Think about using chargers with built-in security options like temperature management.
  1. Retailer Appropriately

Correct storage is crucial when not utilizing LiPo batteries for an prolonged interval. Comply with these pointers for storing LiPo batteries:

  • Keep the Proper Voltage: The beneficial storage voltage for LiPo batteries is round 3.8 volts per cell. Storing them at this voltage helps forestall overdischarge or overcharging throughout lengthy intervals of inactivity.
  • Select a Secure Location: Retailer LiPo batteries in a cool, dry place away from flammable supplies. Keep away from protecting them close to sources of warmth or direct daylight. Some professionals use baggage particularly designed for storing/charging LiPo batteries.

By following these greatest practices for dealing with, charging, and storage, we are able to improve the protection and efficiency of LiPo batteries whereas extending their lifespan.

LiPo Battery Safety TipsLiPo Battery Safety Tips

These batteries have been left within the trunk of a patrol car. Six batteries have been destroyed inside a number of weeks of buying the air asset, merely as a consequence of trunk temps exceeding 140 levels.

Finest Practices for Utilizing LiPo Batteries in UAS Throughout Sizzling Climate Circumstances

When utilizing LiPo batteries in Unmanned Plane Methods (UAS) throughout sizzling climate circumstances, it’s essential to comply with particular security pointers to scale back dangers and make sure the secure operation of LiPo-powered instruments. Listed here are some greatest practices to contemplate:

  • Monitor battery temperature.  Excessive temperatures can hurt LiPo batteries, so it’s essential to watch their temperature throughout flight. Many trendy drones have built-in sensors that present real-time temperature information. By maintaining a tally of battery temperature, we are able to take acceptable motion if it begins to rise too excessive.
  • Implement thermal safety mechanisms.  To additional shield LiPo batteries throughout sizzling climate circumstances, consider using thermal safety mechanisms. Some drones have options like computerized cooling programs or thermal insulation for the battery compartment. These measures will help management the temperature and forestall overheating.
  • Keep away from direct daylight publicity.  Direct daylight can shortly increase the temperature of LiPo batteries. At any time when attainable, hold UAS/drone and batteries away from direct daylight, particularly when not in use. This straightforward precaution will help forestall extreme warmth buildup and lengthen the lifespan of LiPo batteries.
  • Enable cooling intervals between flights.  When planning a number of flights in sizzling climate, make certain to permit sufficient time for cooling between every flight. Letting the LiPo batteries settle down earlier than charging or utilizing them once more will assist keep their efficiency and forestall potential harm from overheating. NEVER cost a sizzling battery. It might not essentially puff or self-ignite; the interior harm is irrecoverable and causes untimely lack of power, shortening the helpful lifetime of the battery.
  • Retailer batteries in a cool surroundings.  When not in use, retailer LiPo batteries in a cool dry location to reduce warmth publicity. Hold batteries from direct daylight and keep away from storing them in a sizzling automobile or another location that may develop into excessively heat.

The LiDARPROs group use cooler baggage designed for warm climate. Don’t use ice nor “blue blocks” that might make direct contact with any battery floor. Our baggage have thick terry towels separating the batteries from the cooling plate. Place batteries right into a cooling bag till it’s time to make use of them. Don’t put a sizzling battery/just-used battery right into a cooling bag. Let the battery settle down previous to storing within the bag. Set the cooler bag to its “warmest” setting. Cooler baggage will not be freezers, and customarily don’t dip under 70 levels (in our experiences). Most of those merchandise supply “15 to twenty levels decrease than ambient temperature.”  We do hold a small, comparatively correct thermometer within the bag in the course of the sizzling months. A few of these merchandise additionally supply warming functionality, for these in very chilly winter environments.

TIP: Our group lays batteries out with their “stomach down” to point the battery is charged and prepared for operations. A battery positioned on its again signifies a “stomach up” battery, which has been expended. We additionally divide them within the storage containers in the identical method.

By following these greatest practices, pilots can considerably cut back the dangers of utilizing LiPo batteries in sizzling climate circumstances:

  • Monitor battery temperature
  • Implement thermal safety mechanisms
  • Keep away from direct daylight publicity
  • Enable cooling intervals between flights
  • Retailer batteries in a cool surroundings

These steps are important for guaranteeing the secure and optimum efficiency of the plane. Bear in mind, security ought to all the time be a high precedence when utilizing LiPo batteries in UAS. Taking these precautions won’t solely shield costly tools but additionally contribute to the longevity of batteries and total flight expertise.

Do Not Retailer Batteries within the UAS

Storing batteries put in within the UAS may be very tempting. Nonetheless, ought to a battery start to puff, it might nicely “lock” itself into the battery housing of the plane, doubtlessly damaging inside parts of the UAS. We’ve seen at the very least one UAS platform destroyed via storing a battery within the battery compartment of the UAS>

LiPo Battery Safety TipsLiPo Battery Safety Tips

This battery destroyed the UAS wherein it was saved. Storing batteries contained in the plane is handy, however not beneficial. The battery cracked/broke a system board and the battery rail.


You will need to bear in mind the dangers of leaving LiPo batteries in sizzling automobiles and the significance of accountable battery administration. By following correct security pointers, we are able to forestall accidents and make sure the longevity of our batteries, stopping errors, disappointments, and failed flights.

We additionally encourage readers to share experiences with utilizing LiPo batteries in drones throughout sizzling climate circumstances. Collectively, we are able to be taught from one another and create a safer surroundings for everybody concerned.

Douglas Noticed Eagle is the Founder and Director of Instructional Programming at Sundance Media Group.  SMG serves as a marketing consultant throughout the sUAS business, providing coaching and talking engagements on sUAS matters: UAV cinematography, business and infrastructural sUAS functions, sUAS danger administration, night time UAV flight, aerial safety programs, and 107 coaching.  He’s additionally the Director/Shopper Expertise and Pilot at theLIDARPros, offering deep expertise, services and products in LiDAR and photogrammetry.

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